Integrated Systems

These integrated Solutions make it easy to get all the key products in one system. Buy with the confidence that everything fits together and is guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Of course integrated systems are not limited to these options. We can pretty much combine any light and camera with any loupe. If you already have a component and want to find other compatible components or whether you want to buy a full system but with other components, just send us an email or call us. We can make it work. We also make our own custom headbands for the optimal fit (on request).

If you are planning to combine the new components with one you already have, please use the comment field in the order form to provide us with the Manufacturer and the product number of the components you already have. Browse our website for the best Loupe, Light and Camera for your need. If you buy more than one component we make sure you get all the required adapters so they work together. Guaranteed! 




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