HD Cameras

Use one of our HD cameras (like the MiniCam below) together with your Loupes and Lights.

This high quality, lightweight HD camera easily attaches to dental loupes and headbands to provide users with effortless, hands free video documentation and image capturing. Our superior camera optics offer an extended depth-of-field, allowing for razor-sharp image with any loupe.



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  • Superior optics offer 6 inches depth-of-field
  • Attaches to loupes and headbands to provide hands-free video documentation and image capturing
  • Intuitive software allows for easy recording, playback, & storage
  • Operated by a foot pedal that can be used to take video & image stills
  • Videos and images can be saved in the MiniCam HD software, in practice management software, or on the private cloud server
  • Share your videos any time, anywhere, with any device (including smartphones and tablets)
  • Uses a private cloud server to enable quick and safe sharing of videos


Having an HD Video Camera will allow you to:



Personalize Oral Healthcare Guides

Personalize your patients’ experience and send your advice home with them by creating personal oral healthcare videos. Record while you work- no editing or processing required.





Share your Findings Clearly and Easily

E-mailing a video link allows you to share patient information with specialists, patients, technicians, and hygienists quickly and efficiently.





Document Your Work

HD video and images are easily captured, viewed, and stored. Video with narration creates an easily reviewable record of the patient’s visit that can be saved securely, then retrieved with any device (including smartphones and tablets).





Capture Everything You See

The camera is loupe or headband mounted and controlled by a pedal. Now there is no need to interrupt your work. MiniCam HD required no disruptive steps to operate – unlike other cameras on the market.

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