Power Pack LED Light (Light Only)

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Product Overview

Power Pack LED Light

The "Power Pack LED Light" is a high powered LED Light designed for the professional.

It is extremely light weight and can be adapted to fit any loupe.
We offer 2 types of filters.

  • Yellow Filters for curing composites in the dental field
  • Blue Filters for those who work with eyes of any type

(This item includes LED Power Pack Light Only. Options can be added to configure your ideal solution)

*If you purchase the light together with a Loupe, we will make sure it all fits together nicely. If you are purchasing the light for an existing Loupe, please specify the manufacturer, frame style and if it is a flip up or through the lens style loupe in the notes during the checkout process.

Technical pecifications:

  • Headlight Luminous intensity:180 lm
  • Illuminocity:90,000 lx (8360 fc)
  • Color temperature:5000K
  • Dimensions:97 x 65 x 38 (3.8" x 2.1" x 1")

Extend the capabilities of this Headlight by choosing the following options to the right of the picture:
(prices are listed when you select the option)


Option 1 - Power Pack LED Light Kit

Additional Option: Power Pack LED Light Kit  +$169.00

In addition to the Power Pack LED Light above you get the following kit: 

- 2 Power Pack batteries
- Power Pack Light Wall Battery Charger
 -screwdriver Phillips
- Carrying Case
- “C” Clip to connect to your Loupe Frame


Option 2 - Power Pack Light Plastic Flip Filter

Yellow or Blue (No additional cost)

Yellow Blue
 powerpack-light-plastic-flip-filter-yellow2.jpg powerpack-light-lastic-flip-filter-blue2.jpg


Option 3 - Dual Carrying Case

Additional Option: Dual carrying case +$40.00


Option 4 - Oak Tree Headband for unmatched comfort and flexibility

Additional Option: Oak Tree Comfort Headband +$80.00



Warranty Information

limited lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects