Genuine Oak Tree Ergonomic Headband

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Oak Tree Headband Overhead strap
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Product Overview

Mount your LED lights, Loupes or HD Camera to an Oak Tree Headband.

Oak Tree Headband is a top of the line Headband offering the best possible comfort

This headband is made of long lasting Nylon, very light weight and ergonomically balanced to minimize headaches even after hours of wearing.

The Headband features:

  • Ratchet type rack and pinion adjustment for the top and rear straps
  • Strap tension control adjustment
  • Latex Free, Breath-O-Prene comfort liners

Experience the difference!

Warranty Information

We offer a two Year Warranty against any manufacturing defects. Conditions: Your instrument has not been repaired/serviced by another company. Usage not in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations or instructions. Breakage or failure due to tampering, misuse, neglect, accidents, or modification..