Enova PLT-ENT-30A CRI-90 LED Surgical Headlight

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Product Overview

PLT series CRI-90 for True Color Rendition

The PLT Surgical lights are designed for surgeons who need to locate difficult to identify anatomy quickly and accurately.

The Cyclops PLT-ENT-30A is Enova's excellent LED headlight for ENT's. The PLT-ENT-30A has an adjustable aperture ranging from 2 inch to 5 inch in diameter to give you the exact spot size needed to perform your best. The Enova PLT-ENT-30A can be adjusted to your individual height and angle of view requirements while the coaxial design aligns your illumination on the same plane as your vision and is easy use with or without loupes. Its light weight only 7 ounces together with its fully adjustable, padded headband makes this ENT LED headlight easy to wear for long periods of time. The Enova PLT-ENT-30A can be used with Enova's PP2 or PP4 Lithium-ion battery packs. Battery life with the PP4 pack ranges from 9 to 24 hours and with the PP2 pack ranges from 5 to 10 hours on a single charge.
New: The Optional Freestyle battery mounted on the back of the headband 4 - 8 Hours. 



  • enhances your performance
  • illuminates the deepest surgical cavities
  • true tissue rendition
  • consistently bright, no light degradation
  • lights working distance from 10" to 20"
  • provides complete mobility and freedom of movement
  • comfort during and after Examinations
  • reduces eye fatigue
  • maximum comfort eliminates headlight headache
  • long lasting battery life reduces down time
  • LED lamp lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • uses 90% less energy than fiber optic options
  • 50% cost savings over fiber optic options
  • perfectly balanced

Product Specifications for Enova PLT-ENT LED Surgical Headlight

  • Light Source: LED refractive technology
  • Lamp Illumination: 30,000+ lux
  • Color Temperature: 4500deg; Kelvin
  • Illumination Spot Size: adjustable from 2" to 5"
  • Headlight construction: all aluminum
  • Headband Construction: Made by Oak tree Group, rigid plastic with double removable foam pads
  • LED Warranty: 5 years
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion (charger included),
  • Battery Life: 9 to 24 hours with the PP4 (4-cell) battery; 5 to 10 hours with PP2 (2-cell battery); 4 to 8 hours with the Freestyle,
  • Battery Pack Dimensions: PP4 is 3.12" X 4" X 1"; PP2 is 2.25" X 4" X 1",
  • Battery Pack Weight: PP4 is 9 oz; PP2 is 7 oz,
  • Battery Warranty: 1 year

Standard System Includes:

  • 1 Enova PLT-ENT-30A LED Examination Headlight
  • 1 PP2 Battery Pack (5-10 hrs run time on a single charge) (PP2 Battery Pack)
  • 1 PP2/PP4 Battery Charger (PP2/PP4 Battery Charger)
  • 1 Battery Cable (PLT-ENT V.2 Battery Cable)
  • 1 Battery Belt (Battery Belt)
  • 1 XL Soft-Side Case (XL Soft-Sided Case)

Need More? See Option set to upgrade Battery Packs and add a Two-Bay Battery Charger

Warranty Information

LED Warranty 5 Years, Battery 1 year