Magnification Aids (Loupes, Cameras and More) Add Ergonomic Value

Posted by Michael; Integrated Surgical Solutions on 22nd Jan 2016

We here at Integrated Surgical Solutions created this business in an effort to provide solutions to doctors, surgeons, dentists and veterinarians with the supplies they and their practices need to accomplish their goals. Namely, those goals consist of treating their patients in the most efficient way possible. 

As much as we as patients might forget that our doctors, surgeons and dentists might be working to provide us with as much comfort as possible, they are, after all, working. And just as we strive to improve the workplaces we visit every day, our service providers are as well. 

In 2009, the online periodical Dentistry Today published an article where they stated the following:

"When operating without magnification aid, the head and neck tend to be held in an unbalanced forward position. In this posture, the vertebrae cannot properly support the spine, causing shoulder stabilizing muscles to fatigue quickly.7 Other muscles (the upper trapezius, levator, and upper rhomboid muscles) must then compensate to stabilize the neck and shoulder."

At Integrated Surgical Solutions, we are proud to provide loupes that can help solve problems like this, as well as the ergonomic headbands for loupes and lights that can make the wearing of this equipment even more comfortable.