How do you choose a quality Headband for surgical/dental lights and loupes?

Posted by Gian, Integrated Surgical Solutions on 27th Oct 2016

How do you choose a quality Headband for surgical/dental lights and loupes?

We at offer a variety of top quality headbands. All are Made in the USA by Oak Tree Group. (Oak Tree Group is the manufacturer of headbands for Integra Life Sciences, Welch Allyn, BFW, Enova Illuminations, Cool View, and many other top brands). Our Headbands can be customized to meet your needs. The headbands can be fitted with a variety of cable and wire clamps, guides and retainers in various left and/or right locations (top, side, rear) as needed for specific requirements. Please Email us with any questions at

What are the Attributes of a Quality Surgical Headband?

- A quality headband is ergonomically balanced to reduce fatigue and headache.

- The headband needs to be Micro-adjustable in size to fit comfortably.

- Light weight is key for surgeons wearing the headbands for many hours without interruption.

- Durable materials

- Washable

- Sturdy, rigid and capable to support your application

Headband with adjusting Ratchet on top and rear.

LED Headlights, Fiber Optic Lights, Head mounted cameras and other heavier equipment require a rigid yet very comfortable band. Surgeons wear these devices often for many hours. The headband of choice here is a Nylon headband with a rack and pinion adjustment ratchet for the top and rear straps. With this type headband multiple users can easily find a perfect fit.

Nylon Headbands are extremely durable and will last way over 10 years. Only the padding needs to be replaced at the user’s discretion. Popular options for padding are foam backed glove leather or Breath-O-Prene comfort liners. If a headband is shared among multiple users leather is a favorable choice. It is easily washable with warm soapy water or leather cleaner.

Breath-O-Prene fabric has similar properties to Neoprene but allows for air to flow and keep the surgeons forehead dry. Other characteristics of Breath-O-Prene are: Long lasting even with heavy use, Latex- and Adhesive free and it eliminates a majority of skin irritations commonly found in many other comparable fabrics.

Light weight Breath-O-Prene Headbands

To support a lighter weight application a Headband made of Breath-O-Prene fabric can do the job.
We at Integrated Surgical Solutions offer such a headband with a High Density Polyester strap for additional support. This type application is often used by Dentists.

For more information please view our headband selection: click here or email us at for custom inquiries.