2.5x Waterproof Loupe

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Product Overview

This is a waterproof loupe which means you may put it under running water to make cleaning easier.

Magnification allows for better precision during surgical or dental procedures.

We recommend 2.0X to 2.5X if you are a novice to Loupes. If you go for the higher magnification at the start you may not be comfortable.

For general dental procedures and simpler surgical cases 2.0X; 2.5X to 3.5X magnifications are usually sufficient. Ideally, you want the lowest magnification that is suitable for your application. As a general rule, the lower the magnification, the greater the depth of field and field of vision.

Experienced users also highly recommend the use of a LED light source. You can find a selection of Lights in our Products Category.

Select Frame Style and Frame Color above. Refer to Frame image in the selection on the right for accurate look of the Frame. The Loupe will ship with the frame you select not the standard frame in the primary image. Please see our working distance guide to determine your working distance. For additional assistance please see the video located on the instructional video tab and visit the Frame Selection Guide to select a Frame and Color.

What is in the box?

All Loupes include the following accessories:

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Warranty Information

Lifetime warranty on Loupe, 1 year limited warranty on frame